Animation Manager is designed to improve your efficiency in animation at home or production environments.

Manage animations, poses and selections and organize in Directories, goups and subgroups.

Animation Manager have three transfer methods:

  • Namespace
  • Short name / long name
  • Mapping manager

Animation Manager also includes the Blend Poser, an utility to interpolate between the current position and a saved pose.


Studios like Enne or Otiiplanet use it:

“Using a tool like AnimationManager in our production has made resource management in animation was incredibly efficient.”

Archi Viloria, Director of Animation in Enne

“With this tool, our study was able to make a library of animation in record time, for the production of animated series is very important and save time.”

Brandan Álvarez, CG Supervisor in OtiiPlanet.


License of Use

You can use and distribute Animation Manager.
But don’t forget, thank the author.



Animation Manager don’t have support.
But if you find a bug, have a suggestion, or anything else you want to ask, use the contact section or make a comment on this page.



Animation Manager Facebook Page



You can download from Creative Crash


  • Unzip in Maya Script Path of your version, C:\Users\[username]\Documents\maya\[version]\scripts
    • Example path in windows with Maya 2013, C:\Users\User\Documents\maya\2013-x64\scripts
  • Open Script Editor, paste this text in a python console, and execute it. Or Create a python button in the shelf

import tx_animationManager_ui
tx_anim = tx_animationManager_ui.mainWindow()


Interface Review


Export Pose


Export Anim


Use Selection Groups


Configure Capture View


Import Pose


Import Anim


Transfer Pose and Anim


How To Use Blend Poser


How To Organice


Mirror and Mapping

This features are undocumented, because are in Beta.