Sticky Controller is a tool for Maya, specially designed for animators that need create extra controls over a rig that is in an animation shot in a simple way.



Sticky Controller have 3 versions:

  • Free: for non commercial use and without “fast mode”.
  • Personal: for freelance/personal (limited to one animator) use and with “fast mode”.
  • Studio: for company/studios (unlimited animators) and with “fast mode”.


  • Free: CC 4.0 BY-NC-ND (Attribution, Non comercial, No derivate works)
  • Personal/Studio: Copyright



From Gumroad (All Versions)
From Highend3D (only Free version)



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About “Fast Mode”

“Fast mode” is a compiled version of Sticky Controller that increase performance up to 200% (Depends on the version of Maya)
Is only available in commercial versions.
For the moment is only compatible with Maya Windows x64.



Maya 2013+ all plarforms


  • Unzip “tx_stickyController” folder where you want.
  • Drag and Drop “install.mel” to Maya viewport.


Interface Review


Example of use
  • Select reference object (control or joint that control the area).
  • Select the geometry area (recommended use Maya Soft Selection).
  • Make Sticky Controller.
  • Configure It (shape, color, size and weight).
  • Optional: you can save and load your Sticky Controllers.